The Bookworm Namibia

Deadly Intent

Author: Lynda La Plante



Alexander Fitzpatrick is one of the most wanted men in the Western world. His wealth runs into millions. Handsome, charismatic and supremely dangerous, operating under numerous aliases. Fitzpatrick is a drug-trafficker who has eluded arrest for more than thirty years. For the past decade there has been no sighting of him anywhere. A fatal shooting in a notorious drug dealers' squat in north London, and the murder squad is gathering. The dead man is Frank Brandon, an ex-police officer, DI Anna Travis is at the scene, trying to connect the presence of her much-respected ex-colleague with such desperate surroundings. Her formidable new boss, DCI Carol Cunningham, impatient for results and frustrated by the total lack of credible suspects, is constantly challenging her. Determined to find answers, Anna tries to put all thoughts of her previous boss - and lover - James Langton far out of reach, and strikes out on her own. She knows that Frank had recently married, and that his grieving widow Julia is a glamorous, wealthy woman. Then Anna discovers that Julia had an ex-partner by the name of Anthony Collingwood - one of Alexander Fitzpatrick's aliases... Energized by her findings, terrified by the implication, Anna comes under increasing fire from Cunningham to toe the line. A new personal relationship beckons, but then into Anna's life comes the last person she ever wanted to see again...




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